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Ryton Pools Warwickshire Review

Ryton Pools is a lovely place to visit. Getting outside and letting the small bundle of energy run himself ragged where there are no roads is super. The site has a series of walks of varying length around a large lake,with open fields and a forest. There is also a playground, sensory garden and a coffee shop (with toilets). On certain days (see website) a miniature railway runs.

You can also feed the ducks and geese. A lovely treat as the birds in the parks in Leamington are so spoiled a toddler, well parent actually, can get annoyed when the ducks just leave the bread floating gently on the surface of the pond.

Ryton Pools has wide established paths which are great to walk on in all weathers. This makes it useful for those grey days where you don't want the pushchair, or push bike axl deep in mud, so definitely more of an all year round attraction than some venues.

You do need two pound coins to get into the coin operated car park. A real annoyance if you arrive with no change and the coffee shop is closed.


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