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I watched a film called Julie and Julia last night. About a girl turning 30, feeling lost, cooking her way through a cookbook in a year, blogging about it and finding herself along the way. I also read an excellent blog called Single Dad Laughing for the first time. Both were thought provoking in their own way. Oddly instead of feeling inspired, this morning I'm feeling a little demoralised about my efforts.

So it started out as a recipe store, but, I did want to infuse it with a sense of humour, capturing the fun I'm having along they way. I wanted to be able to look back and smile at my efforts once I reached that mythical place where I am an accomplished cook. Not a fancy cook, just someone who regularly makes tasty, varied, healthy food for her family.

So how do I turn this flat feeling, into inspiration? No sure yet, but give me a cup of tea, a ten minute of introspection and my sunny side will surface and I'll get back to it. Having learned something new.

My Blog has evolved, at least in my mind, to more than it once was. Growth is good.

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