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Stewed Plums with Vanilla and Cinnamon

My Grandma often served stewed plums with custard. A retro, very British feeling pudding. I recently got given plums for my Toddler (who loves them) by both my mum and mum-in-law. Plumlicious but too many. So I got Grandma to talk me through stewing plums. Then I googled it and found a few variations. This is a total winner of simplicity and tastiness. I continue to be amazed how the addition of a couple of things from the store cupboard can lift a dish from normal to scrumptious.

This is great with custard, ice cream and spongecake. It freezes well too.

Stewed plums
Vanilla essence /  vanilla pod seeds if you have them (I don't)

Half or quarter plums, removing stones. Pop in a heavy bottomed pan with enough water to cover the bottom and 2/3 of the plums. Add a squirt of vanilla essence and a generous dash of cinnamon. Add sugar to taste. Simmer gently until soft.

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