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I read an interesting post by Baglady on blogging and the different motivations for people to have blogs. In turn this made me think about mine.

I have started cooking for us as a family. I have these aspirations to feed my children (aged 2 and 7 months) as healthily, yet tastily as I can at home. I figure they will get get enough junk when we are out and about so they will appreciate it more if they have less at home. Yet at the same time do want them to have treats and fun with food. I want them to have a varied diet and be none fussy eaters. I don't want to become a slave to the stove or make it a burden. There is something in there about organisation and keeping cost down as well. Don't expect much if myself do I?

The reality is I didn't have a wide repertoire of cookery skills, was minimally educated about food in general and frankly a pretty lazy cook with a short attention span.

The blog was originally to act as a simple electronic recipe store, yet has become more to me. Its charting my journey to becoming a more experienced cook, showing the dishes I'm proud of and those that didn't go so well and how I'd change them next time. It also allows me to easily swap recipes and information with others. So there it is the mixture of reasons I'm continuing to blog my culinary adventures.

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