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Caraway Seed

I happen to love the aroma and taste of Caraway seeds. A quick pop quiz of friends told me that they are associated most with bread. JammyMummy as a vegetarian, uses them a lot with all sorts of vegetables. The favourite dish of my childhood is Caraway Seed Potatoes* from the Sarah Brown Vegetarian cookbook. I remember going to the Foleshill Road area of Coventry our the nearest City for vegetarians at the time (early 1980's) it was the only place to buy Aubergine, Okra and other veg considered mainstream today. I remember an Aubergine seeming exotic with all that lush glossy deep purple skin.

I love the combination of Caraway Seed and potatoes, especially peeled, sliced, potatoes with a couple of teaspoons of seeds thrown in the water as they cook. They make the kitchen smell slightly of anise. Heaven.

Looking into this small brown seed a little more brings the discovery that its part of the Celery family and from a bi-annual plant. It's not actually a seed  - its the split halves of the dried fruits of a plant. Grown in regions such as East and South East Europe, North Africa and parts of the America. Holland is currently the top producer. A brief nose around the internet shows lots of references to it as an aid to digestion. All news to me.

*note to Sam put recipe on here.

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