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As its Shrove Tuesday tomorrow here is a timely post. The perfect pancake recipe from Grandad Breadman the traditional pancake cooking chief of our family.

110g plain flour
pinch of salt
2 eggs
200ml milk mixed with 75ml  water
50g butter or glug of olive oil

To serve
Lemon juice
Chocolate spread such as nutella
Slices banana
Golden syrup
and anything else you feel like experimenting with
I like to use an electric hand mixer for this.
Place the flour in a bowl and make a dip in the middle.
Crack the eggs into the dip and mix together. Making sure you use a spatula to get any bits from around the edges
Gradually mix in the milk until you have a smooth consistency.

Heat your frying fan up (I use two at a time other pancakes are too slow to keep up with the kids consumption rate) and  add a glug of olive oil (butter if you prefer).
Use a ladle to tip a portion of mix into the pan (mine needs only to be half full, its a big ladle). Tilt the pan to ensure the mix spreads evenly. Allow to set until a 'jiggle' of the pan see's the pancake move. Use a plastic spatula to flip and brown on the other side.


  1. Such a shame we can't have pancake day more than once. I really do love them!

    If you have a look at my blog you will see tht I have nominated you for a Liebster blog award. I ope you don't mind.