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Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes

Mum can I eat this, it missed the paper case?
You have got to love the classics. Came in from work and my son was clamoring for some attention and asking to 'do something together mummy' just at the time when its all go. I've had a bar of cheap and cheerful chocolate in the back of the cupboard ready to make some more crispy cakes so two minutes later we were ready to go and it went something like this....
Junior Gingerbread snaps up chocolate - Mum unloads dishwasher
...chops up butter - Mum puts dinner on
...puts paper cases on the tray - Mum changes younger sister into PJ's
The rest we did together, but, what a fab recipe to take some attention whilst your bustling around the kitchen.

60g unsalted butter
3 table spoons golden syrup
1 x 100g bar milk  chocolate
90g Rice Snaps

Melt the chocolate in the microwave
Soften the butter in the microwave if just grabbed from the fridge and is still brick like
Nuke the golden syrup in the microwave for a few second if its the end of the jar and rather difficult to get out and a bit crystallized and pour - or use a spoon like a normal person
Mix the butter, chocolate and golden syrup together and let cool a little - test the mixture by eating some - yum
Pour over the rice snaps and give bright pink spoon to 4 year old to spend a good few minutes mixing
Spoon generously into paper cases eating the odd spoonful and anything that escape the cases
Top generously with the sugar sprinkles that have been annoying you by falling out of the baking cupboard every time you open the door and driving you slightly bonkers. Throw empty sprinkles box in bin with great satisfaction
Leave to set if feeling patient - if not eat  - but don't expect to stick together

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