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Spot on Soup - Bacon & Green Lentil (or bean)

It's autumn and suddenly a sandwich at lunch time doesn't quite cut it - I want something warming. Also, wouldn't mind having a few healthier weeks before we reach the season of over indulgence. Out comes the soup saucepan and away we go.

This soup is salty from the smoked bacon, its what makes it so moorish. If you don't want a salty outcome then use un-smoked bacon. If you can find a cheap bacon joint then that breaks down in the soup beautifully. To get a second soup from the same recipe swap the lentils for a can of mixed beans.

450g Smoked bacon rashers, chopped (without the rind)
300ml Vegetable Stock
1 chopped onion
2 diced carrots
Large handful of diced turnip, swede or parsnip
1 large diced potato
Optional 2 chopped celery sticks
125g of green lentils - canned or soaked and pre-cooked
1 tbsp mixed herbs
2 bay leaves
Pepper to taste

I make soup very simply. I fry the onion in the non-stick pan until soft then add the bacon. After that simply add all the ingredients and leave to cook for 30 mins or until the vegetables are tender. Season to taste.

Mash a little with a potato masher to bash the vegetables up a little - this helps thicken the sauce. This is better eaten a couple of hours after cooking as the flavours have time to soak into the lentils.

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