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Chicken Laksa Soup

I follow a chap on YouTube called 'Simple Cooking Channel' - he catches my eye because he always looks like he is having such a good time with his cooking and is slightly bonkers. Last week he did this recipe and I decided to give it a go. Having read up on it a little this is a very simplified version, but worked well for me as a starting point. In later iterations I've added some al dente broccoli and sauteed baby corn to give the crunch instead of the bean sprouts. I like bean sprouts, but, they just have such a short shelf life. Next time I'm going to use Pak Choi and prawns instead of chicken.

Anyway here is simple Chicken Laksa Soup - I hope someone else has a go and adds to it just like I have.

Ingredients - serves 4
A little Olive oil for the pan
400 g of diced chicken breast (I use turkey thighs instead as a cheaper alternative)
1/4 cup of Laksa curry paste
500 ml of chicken stock
400 ml of coconut milk (one can)
200 g Rice noodles
Bean sprouts (or other crunchy veg)
Dried Red Chili flakes to own taste
Optional: half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Fry the chicken off in a large saute pan/wok until white (I have a 20 cm pan with a lid). Add a third of the Laksa paste and stir it through. Then set the chicken to one side in another dish.
Using the large saute pan fry the rest of the Laksa paste and then add the coconut milk mixing it to together well. Add the chicken stock and mix in, bringing the sauce to the boil then turning it down to a simmer.
Reintroduce the chicken and season to your own taste and cook for a few minutes. If using other vegetables add them now.
Cook the rice noodles and put a portion into each bowl. Ladle the soup on top and add the bean sprouts.

Here is a link to the original.

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