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Breakfast egg (no flour) muffins


My six and a half year old Junior Jam tart made these almost on his own this evening -  I was so proud of him - his children's safety knife remains one of the best (and longest lived) items I've bought.

These are basically breakfast in a muffin tin - any combination of things you could pop in an omelette but in a muffin shape. Today's were tomato, spring onion, red pepper & bacon. Yum. They keep nicely to the next days breakfast and make a lovely picnic food.
Oops - we ate the rest

5 eggs
6 buttered slices of bread (great use for slightly stale bread) - alternatively - use a slice of ham
Glug of milk
4 spring onions
Generous handful of cherry tomatoes (quartered)
One finely chopped red pepper
4 finely chopped rashers of bacon (we used Pancetta cubes a bit of a cheat)

1. Heat the over to 160c and grease a 12 hole muffin tin

2. Roll the bread flat with a rolling pin and butter. The cut two discs out using a pastry cutter. The largest you can fit. Place one in each muffin hole
3. Chop the spring onion (my son used scissors), red pepper and bacon into small pieces  - about half a centimeter so they cook quickly. Mix together then distribute evenly between the 12 holes
4. Beat the eggs together and add a glug of milk and season
5. Using a jug, top each portion off with egg mixture - to just below to lip works best. Err on the side of caution to get round all of them - you can always top up at the end
6. Bake in the over to 10 minutes or until firm
7. Leave to cool in the tin and then gently loosen using a plastic knife

I'm going to try goats cheese and walnut for a grown up version next.

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