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16 Quick Dough Balls

A tasty treat that the kids can make with minimal supervision. Add interesting ingredients to make them unique for example a bit of cheese, garlic, herbs and so on.

200g or 1½ cups strong plain flour
½ tsp instant dried yeast
1 tsp salt
125 ml  or ½ cup water

Mix everything together to form a wet sticky dough
Leave until doubled in size*
Pre heat the oven to 220c
Chop into 16 pieces the same size
Knead each piece slightly and then 'tuck' the corners underneath to bake a ball
Pop on an oven tray and leave for a couple of minutes
Bake for 8 minutes

*With these dough balls, you can get away with little or no proving, though under-proved dough cracks when baked (not that it matters if your priority is quick bread). Proving gives you beautifully rounded dough balls and takes about 45 minutes depending on your room temperature. To test for fully risen dough give it a little prod, the dough should spring back quickly. If you're aiming for speed, a ten minute prove will do

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