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You've never made a meringue?

Well erm no...
My experience of meringue has been of a sickly sweet cardboard like substance, bought ready made from the supermarket, or a thawed out summer pavlova. I'd decided I didn't like meringue.  Until I had a taste revelation.

Sat at a friends table a beautiful, messy, white peaked meringuey, creamy and raspberry concoction was brought out from the kitchen. It tasted as good as it looked. It became apparent it was the Dad's pudding master piece and an obvious family favourite. Incredulous looks met my surprise at the delicious dessert, which, led to much discussion on the topic of meringues. Apparently the bowl is traditionally held above your head to demonstrate the mix is ready. Sounds like potential for kitchen carnage, so of course Dads and kids love to make it.

The meringue challenge then - not just spelling it, making it. One lemon meringue pie seemed a good beginning, at least if the the topping doesn't work there is the bottom to eat with ice cream. You cant beat a good contingency plan and one Queen of Puddings also looks like a potential winner with the family. Wish me luck (and meringue free hair).

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