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Chunky Parsnip and Potato Soup

The cold weather is finally here in Warwickshire after a very mild Autumn. I wanted to make a hearty soup for Sunday tea and a we have a vegetarian family visiting. So with Parsnips very good value at the moment a chunky soup sounded perfect. This makes a large stock pot full, plenty for tea and freezer portions for another day. Served with home made croutons or chunky fresh bread.
8 parsnips - cubed
2 onions - finely chopped
8 potatoes - cubed
1 small swede - cubed or 2 large carrots cut into discs
1 finely chopped leek
2 vegetable stock cubes
Knob of butter
Dried parsley
Salt and pepper


Peel and chop all the vegetables - the size depends on how quickly you want it to cook and how chunky you like your soup. I went with around 1 to 2 cm cubes. Pop all the vegetables into the pan with a generous knob of butter. Put the lid on and allow to 'sweat' for 10 mins.

Cover the vegetables in hot water and add the stock cubes. Bring to the boil and then simmer until the vegetables start to fall apart.

Season with nutmeg, parsley, salt and pepper to suit your preferences.

Either use a hand blender to blend part of the soup to give a thicker base or use a potato masher and crush the vegetables until you get the consistency you want.

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